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Stratejus web design & development

Helping companies find customers

Websites that work across all devices.

Our client's goals to increase sales, define their brands, and expand their businesses are what drives us to create more appealing and effective websites.

Here's how we meet those goals

Make a great first impression.

You rely on your website to present your company or organization to the world.

Design, engaging copy, and an intuitive interface captures and maximizes the time that visitors spend on your site – focused on your business.

Reach mobile visitors.

Viewing websites on smartphones and tablets accounts for more than 30% of total visitors.

Our solution is a responsive design and development approach that maximizes the look and performance of websites on all size screens and devices from wide screen desktop monitors to smartphones and iPads.

Stratejus mobile websites.

Manage your own content.

Our clients want to be equipped to keep their web content up-to-date to maintain their competitive edge. New technology solutions are enabling non-technical users to become effective content managers without requiring programming expertise.

WordPress Content Management

  • World's most popular CMS
  • Adds database functionality to website
  • Blogs, calendars, search, eCommerce

Develop a web partnership.

You should to have an ongoing relationship with your web designer and developer. Websites are dynamic and need updated content and features to keep your visitor base returning for more.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with our clients that goes beyond the initial design and development to support their future growth.

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