WordPress Max Flexible Web Designs

New page builder format offers capabilities and a comprehensive set of flexible layouts can be applied throughout a website.

Stratejus is pleased to announce WordPress Max, a web design and framework along with a system of web components that enables effective design and development of web pages using WordPress. Each of the templates defined within a customized theme developed for each customer enables use of a set of dynamic content blocks that have been styled for consistency for use within the site.

This new system is the result of our experience building websites over a twenty year period, from college websites that cost more than $50,000 to start-up companies on limited budgets. But now we have leveraged our experience and the development of WordPress solutions into a platform that we can scale to meet customers’ individual needs

Selection of Page-Builder Formats

A series of flexible content panels can be used to create unique page presentations. Each of the formats will be designed to match the styles of your site and your branding guidelines, and can be selected individually and populated with content and images.

Basic Toolset

  • Text/WYSIWYG (includes separate area for uniquely styled deck)
  • Image/Video Cards (supports masthead with title, subtitle, and content followed by optionally 2/3/4 column cards each with title, subtitle, content, link, and image or video)
  • Image/Video panel (image or video to left or right next to title, subtitle, text, link)
  • Multi-column bulleted list (two or three columns, bullets can optionally be links)
  • Accordions (supports simplified WYSIWYG editor)

Advanced Formats

  • Form Panel (supports title, subtitle, text, and form selection)
  • Featured Videos (one or multiple)
  • Quick Links (supports title, subtitle, content, and two columns of navigational links)
  • Call to Action (supports background image, title, subtitle, text, link)
  • Latest Posts (supports title, subtitle, deck, and ability to select post type)
  • Blockquote (supports quote, author)
  • Slide Show Gallery

Custom Website Development

We also have vast experience building more complex web components for hundreds of clients

  • Blogs and news sections
  • Calendars
  • Employee Directories
  • Product Catalogs with extensive filtering capabilities
  • And many more

Free Demonstration

Contact Stratejus today for a demonstration of how WordPress Max can rejuvenate your web presence!

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