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Experience in web design for colleges, universities, high schools, preschools and corporate training companies.

Effective presentation of academic programs, faculty/staff directories, calendars, news and blogs are just some of the special features that we have implemented for college, university and school websites. Below is a sampling of our experience with a clients and websites in this industry, along with specific web design solutions and ideas.

Houghton College website design

Houghton College

This college website illustrates effective use of section landing pages and graphical panels/blocks to create a highly visual presentation.

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AHS Charter School

The Academy of Health Sciences Charter School website offers insights into this innovative school and its people.

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Genesee Community Charter School

Genesee Community Charter School

The GCCS website presents a diverse-by-design school that erases social and traditional academic boundaries.

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Expressive Beginnings Website

Expressive Beginnings

The new website delivers information effectively to busy parents.

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New website for corporate training specialist.

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Springdale Farm website

Springdale Farm

Thousands of people tour Springdale Farm each year for a fun-filled, educational experience.

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Web Design Solutions

Presenting Academic Programs

Houghton Multiple Devices

Web module provides ability for prospective students to browse, majors, minors and online course offerings.

Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive design performance matters, especially for younger prospective student audience.

Video Panel

Information Panel

Testimonials Panel

Info Graphic

Application Process Panel

Even complex graphics can also be implemented as flexible content.

Video Panel Slider

The ability to add panels to pages and populate content creates an environment where website presentation options are greatly expanded, and create more highly effective websites.

Web Modules

In addition to enabling creation of panels and flexible content for websites, the WordPress Solutions platform allows you to select from among a wide set of Web Modules that can be easily incorporated into your project. These provide interactive solutions for website visitors to explore products and service offerings, calendars, news, blogs, employee directories, media tools for video, audio and images, interactive forms and more … that will separate your website from the pack.

Houghton Majors Programs

Advanced Filtering of Products & Services

Filtering makes it easy to find information on product details.

Houghton Calendar

WordPress Calendar

Display options (30 day and list). Promote events on home page.

Select Web Modules That Match Your Needs

  • News: Create archive of stories. Filtering to display news on site. Share via social media.
  • Employee Directories: Highlight personnel with contact information, photos & biographies.
  • Product Tours: Walk visitors through the benefits of your products & services.
  • Social Media Integration: Aggregate up to five social media into a single feed on your website.
  • Multimedia Solutions: Use video, audio recordings, photo galleries on your website.
  • Ad Landing Pages: Use WordPress to manage landing pages used for direct marketing.
  • Custom Software: Talk to us about developing solutions specific to your needs.

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