Upgrade to WordPress Managed Web Hosting

Stratejus’ WordPress Managed Web Hosting is a bundled set of fully managed services for WordPress websites. It starts with fast web servers that drive web performance, but extends into automated daily file back-ups, SSL, security updates and maintaining your website’s WordPress installation.

Superior to Shared Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting offers guaranteed access to a high level of system resources (processing power, memory, solid state drives and caching software) that are normally only found in more expensive, fully managed web hosting platforms.

With typical shared hosting a website is on the same server as a large number of other domains, offering limited resources and degraded performance if a neighboring site uses up the shared resources your site depends on.

WordPress performs better when resources are more potent and always available, factors inexpensive hosting solutions do not guarantee.

WordPress Updates & Security

WordPress Managed Hosting is bundled with administrative tools and an ongoing support commitment to effectively maintain your WordPress installation and related software components.

Timely WordPress updates strengthen the capability of the CMS and protect against security threats. Keeping the platform up-to-date is important to maintaining an effective web presence.

Automated Daily Back-ups

Our offsite cloud back-up system automatically stores back-up files daily, a critical service that most web hosting plans do not provide. Files are stored on a rotating basis.

WordPress Optimization

Website speed and performance affects not only the user’s experience, but is used by Google as a ranking factor in search listings.

Quality hosting should be a key component in your website optimization plan. Content management systems, including WordPress, require additional server resources to perform optimally.

Two Plans to Choose From

  • Standard WordPress Managed Hosting services ($30/month) meet the needs of most customers.
  • Our Premium Service (starting at $50/month) provides daily backups, and includes monthly reporting of website analytics and overall performance.

Standard Service

High Performance Web Server

  • Multi-core processors
  • Solid State Drives
  • 10 GB storage (call if more disk space is required).
  • Server-side caching improves responsiveness by serving pages instantly
  • SSL: security and HTTP/2 for faster website loading

Automatic Daily Back-ups

  • Offsite, daily backups store copies of website content and WordPress files
  • Files stored on rotating basis

Software and Security Updates

  • Fully managed WordPress updates keep software versions current and implement security patches on a timely basis

Premium Service (in addition to standard service)

Automatic daily back-ups, SSL, and WordPress updates.

  • All of the features of our standard plan including daily incremental backups, WordPress updates and SSL for security and HTTP/2 for faster website loading

Advanced reporting/monitoring

  • Monthly client report including updates, uptime, analytics, security, optimization and overall performance
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SEO Tracking to monitor website rankings

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